According to the Alt key can use force against in Silkroad

Powerfarming is an interesting system in Silkroad online and players could get  from this system. So, what is it really about and how to do that?  First, you need to prepare something. You are preferably 72 level above, have a new char, lots of time, good ong spot or enough sro gold. After you prepared, let’s begin. First of, your new char is still lvl1, bring it out to lvl10/12 mobs and start slashing them away, 0 gap your new char to lvl10. Find a good Ong spot, or find it with Silkroad online gold. Make sure your newbie stays safe from any Ongs. Blood Ongs are non-aggressive. Then put spawnplace on Samarkand and walk your lvl10 character to the spot. At lvl10 you can still res yourself after you die, so you’ll get there easy. Fill your high lvl char with MP pots.

Keep in mind that what you type is in bronze, so if you want to sell something for ten silver, you must type 10000 to make it 10 silver. There are also a few chat commands that you may use to express emotions with your characte(Silkroad powerleveling). Use the commands, just type the word in you normal chat bar. When you hit level 36+ or when you die, you lose one or two items from your inventory. To prevent loss of rare items, use the quad NPC to store your items and cheap aion gold in their cargo. You may also use the Quad NPC to send items and cash to other players by using the delivery command. If you wish to set up a shop, you must click the vending button in your item menu. When you click on this, another little inventory should appear like a shop. You drag your items into the shop window and type in the amount of buy cheap aion gold you wish to sell it for.

The state, If the purple under the condition of other players to kill, you will become a red color unholy, ID and 30 minutes to punish time PK. After entering PK PK punishment by the player as time.  Drop items: death, raise any drop 1 item props of probability. Exp: increases damage when death experience is lost PK restrictions in Silkroad. In order to prevent the chaos, there PK do below restrictions. Level  limit is PK only 10 class above, not only can to 10 players cannot PK. Place restrictions: not in safety to PK.  According to the situation, and sometimes not to attack each other, to PK. The total number of day to 15 million PK. Total cumulative number of PK reach to 500 person-time. Later, when under the state of PK deaths from the day of the total number and total cumulative number of reducing 1 million.

According to the Alt key can use force against in (SRO Gold).. In the circumstances, the Alt key with the mouse click attack each other, can force the player can attack attack at ordinary times and transportation. Players can be divided into the general state urderer. In a certain period of time character name color change is as follows state.  Mandatory general player players will be character name becomes purple. This includes all the players are the victim JiaHaiZhe can attack other players, not punished. The state maintain 20 seconds, if the attack or attack, will recount. That is the condition maintenance 20 seconds neither attack will not attack, can eliminate state in game. 

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