The Importance of Environment Protection

Environmental protection means that human beings consciously protect and reasonably make use of natural resources and prevent natural environment from pollution and destruction;to the environment that has been polluted and destroyed comprehensive management measures have to be taken to create an environment suitable for human life and work. Meanwhile, environment protection has the meaning of the general terms of all kinds of actions taken by human in order to solve the practical or potential environmental issues, coordinate the relationship between human and environment, and ensure a sustainable economic and social development. The methods and means are of engineering technology, administration as well as legal, economic, propaganda and education, etc.What Are Produced? charming women

  • To control the evrionmental pollution resulted from prosuction and life activity includes controlling the” three wastes”(waste water, waste gas, waste residues), dust and radioactive substance as well as noise, vibration, rancidity and electromagnetic radiation resulted from industrial production. You Know What? I Bought a Popular kobe bryant for My Mother at a Very Low Price It slao includes the pollution of the harmful gas, liquid, noise caused by transportation, maritime shipping emissions, toxic and hazardous chemicals in industrial and agricultural production and people’s living, smoke emissions, sewage and garbage caused by urban life,etc.
  • To prevent environmental damage caused by the construction and development activities includes the prevention of environmental pollution and destruction caused by large-scale water conservancy, railways, highways, major ports, airports and large industrial projects and other projects. To prevent the destruction and influence of land reclamation and reclaiming land from lakes and the development of offshore oil field, coastal zones and wetlands, forest and mineral resources. To prevent the environmental damage, pollution and impact of the new industrial area, new construction of urban settings,etc.
  • Protection of special value to the natural environment includes protecting rare species and their living environment, the natural history of specific sites, geological phenomena and landscape. Besides, the content of environmental protection also includes urban and rural planning, control of water and soil loss as well as desertification,forest planting, control of population growth and distribution, rational distribution of productive forces. Environmental protection has become the world’s governments` and people`s common action and the main tasks. Countries have formulated and promulgated a series of environmental protection laws and regulations to ensure its implementation.

The content of environment protection includes the earth protection, the outer space protection, the maintenance of living environment, land (terrain, landform, etc.), atmosphere, water, organism( human being, forest-plant, animal, etc.), sunshine, the totality of natural and artificial outer world, nature and cultural heritage.

  • The governance and protection of the earth: The environment protection of the earth focuses on the governance and protection is next to it. As the land has already been polluted, we should protect it in line with the treatment. As for the land (soil, mountains, continental shelf) with previous pollution, the best way is to treat it via strengthened measures and restore to their former outlooks.
  • The managing and protecting of atmosphere: To cleanse the atmosphere, we can use the natural and man-made way to limit and reduce the discharge.
  • Water is an important substance that human being’s existence relies on, and clear water can bring people beautiful environment of luxuriantly green plants, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers, quiet and comfort and picturesque beauty. Talking about how to manage and deal with water pollution, we must fully aware of the fact that water is so closely related to social production and life, which have been conditioned by water scarcity, water shortage and water pollution. As the key point of water, [water treatment” plays the most important role to solve the tackle with the current emergency situation. Therefore, the area of water treatment involves in very broad applied range, and forms a huge industrial application, which has the tendency to overpass “natural water”.

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