Original Mikrotik Mtcna 0905 Pdf Download

original mikrotik mtcna 0905 pdf

Original Mikrotik Mtcna 0905 Pdf Download >> http://bit.ly/2mE9qRd

Original Mikrotik Mtcna 0905 Pdf Download

ProductCompanyCareersSupportCommunityContactApps English espaol Deutsch Portugus franais Magyar italiano 2017 Prezi Inc. 45 120 Jade Helm Martial Law WW3 Prep Document 1 Please see original article at All News Pipeline: month long WW3 -martial law exercises to be held in 7 southern& 45 120 Adam Lanza Search Warrants Police warrants and evidence logs from the search of Newtown school shooter Adam Lanzas home and car. Our certificates are recognized world wide and stand for good knowledge about network administration, using RouterBOARD and RouterOS. Una introduccin, 2. Address : The destination addresses this route is used for.Gateway : Typically, the IP address of the next hop that will receive the packets destined for Dst. MD5 routeros-mmips-6.39rc55.npk: 208117499252f4f22989e01fdd604076SHA256 routeros-mmips-6.39rc55.npk: d731759090690b045d3bc1292b4dc3571ed14027a01f1baba86ce7e4b7093272MD5 routeros-mipsbe-6.39rc55.npk: d2c5609554febcd30a351e17c94567cfSHA256 routeros-mipsbe-6.39rc55.npk: 59c14c1e676115763d73c4b255481a5d38772e4d2204da7164c8a219a007b824MD5 routeros-smips-6.39rc55.npk: 500a9df8142cf11df4b7d701b1546864SHA256 routeros-smips-6.39rc55.npk: 0b9b17679e1ccee219be5e8f6e4fcf6e4991b196f983aa08c675f1a04e265127MD5 routeros-tile-6.39rc55.npk: 1f7c12256c2ad99b4bdaa4063a920844SHA256 routeros-tile-6.39rc55.npk: 0af66461ac0ed9b4a0c4b2584c0b3a0fe1c49c3cdd85f3995a3d68ede65fb72bMD5 routeros-powerpc-6.39rc55.npk: 9ea9631166a98459cc8a930db4a95b60SHA256 routeros-powerpc-6.39rc55.npk: 3252daea81d2c23f77576de7458a317311d6237e5af7cb1f7eed7a8236f3e263MD5 routeros-arm-6.39rc55.npk: fd86c59365a4efda263601aac056d7d7SHA256 routeros-arm-6.39rc55.npk: 6913b9ff3cc74b03cbd7b155fdfab68c7dd00cda7aaf908047f3473cb6c05011MD5 routeros-x86-6.39rc55.npk: 7973635c3c6913917e5d3cb11d0efdcfSHA256 routeros-x86-6.39rc55.npk: 67a67c43f6725373d00d827cc8337035b45ddc80e02b9a9a6819d1a30bbab90cMD5 allpackages-arm-6.39rc55.zip: bb837217b4a6f5c01b5d71d34ab4abdfSHA256 allpackages-arm-6.39rc55.zip: 3af046de0f848c467dbaac1ba17317137270f96cd6531573b20db4080c85779cMD5 allpackages-x86-6.39rc55.zip: 1778b964f31bd2dc1c3b424b253abd92SHA256 allpackages-x86-6.39rc55.zip: 193c75849eb135018bfefe2f026f696d217f930c5ecbaa3db52d20f21a487889MD5 allpackages-smips-6.39rc55.zip: 41cf96e5b5d40d8b8fcd69a01b4f0efeSHA256 allpackages-smips-6.39rc55.zip: c89dcbff5af564b7db86bdeb29c3c40b508b57d843cff2a836eff96256d29c00MD5 allpackages-tile-6.39rc55.zip: 27349e5988f481355a9b719a2fb154c7SHA256 allpackages-tile-6.39rc55.zip: ed1646e3d4f040f9836a4b8a759908fa6a176fc44a3fe8e0f305ae1a5ef0bb77MD5 allpackages-mmips-6.39rc55.zip: d6c8640b7dac43682780681464418f43SHA256 allpackages-mmips-6.39rc55.zip: 01de85699af1557c0663015faa5a2ab8932250a56e915bb798d9106474c6ff75MD5 allpackages-mipsbe-6.39rc55.zip: 1d06ea228b2e8211fdfb974ddc9fb725SHA256 allpackages-mipsbe-6.39rc55.zip: 2d8efaac0c75bde805c328b053c251cab7982547ba52cef5da6fa81b990f72d5MD5 allpackages-ppc-6.39rc55.zip: 2d91874f72d30734874d770de53dc567SHA256 allpackages-ppc-6.39rc55.zip: 3180870efad83aaad182241be2e9e1035bdf5b10f5ee80c3e629ce8fa9c709e0MD5 mikrotik-6.39rc55.iso: c477d5b4b60c898f28cf85a1a50efc43SHA256 mikrotik-6.39rc55.iso: 369850f854eed09908afd04bc62623bf9ccea4d4ef5bb66937b0144ad6ad317cMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55-mipsbe.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55-mipsbe.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55-mmips.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55-mmips.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55-arm.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55-arm.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55-ppc.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55-ppc.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55-tile.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55-tile.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 netinstall-6.39rc55-smips.zip: 50a02be5ee980bc9ac70ff70e6d1936eSHA256 netinstall-6.39rc55-smips.zip: ce676ba59d170203b7cc48b22b8d5691f4d46e6ba56dd21f29ce9367f087f0bbMD5 dude-6.39rc55-arm.npk: 5a494a649256a593259ab8422eeb8095SHA256 dude-6.39rc55-arm.npk: d3391e88d8290ce29fc6c8bb919b381cec1df04cb112a0273527170ec35cda96MD5 dude-6.39rc55-tile.npk: ff5b2d78670a726cf43f51f5a28ec3fdSHA256 dude-6.39rc55-tile.npk: a5d0a9d4f136526ac1f10eb9ec5017c989b5c82e7288dc1e93cffbc554c19239MD5 dude-6.39rc55-mmips.npk: 568773dfdfea25f6cb54b6add7c73ae5SHA256 dude-6.39rc55-mmips.npk: 636bd8d2719f2564a1bce9f117ea9ff22815c8f0606aaf680d8de8e6e3579e5dMD5 dude-6.39rc55.npk: 113b398460f07684c497bd4b9a8d58c0SHA256 dude-6.39rc55.npk: 6e30c8bf4e02fd5468db89b2c06f3dc1596ea66315f804b1af2c75c293b6da5eMD5 dude-install-6.39rc55.exe: 1f0c2bebd5f6c55b99c46e402f2c71b8SHA256 dude-install-6.39rc55.exe: ecc24091f6a333ed406edbfa7aa1e2e143318f915d0548b2f6ff25c2b8c47e9c . Open the map Graduation Every year there are around 2000 – 3000 graduates who have successfully completed a MikroTik courses.

New design universal case allows the unit to be positioned either horizontally (desktop) or vertically (tower case). Houston, we have a problem!Oops. Public & reusable Make a copy Share Embed Liked Like Present Remotely Send the link below via email or IMCopy Present to your audienceStart remote presentationInvited audience members will follow you as you navigate and presentPeople invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi accountThis link expires 10 minutes after you close the presentationA maximum of 30 users can follow your presentationLearn more about this feature in our knowledge base article Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. DeleteCancelMake your likes visible on Facebook? Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and let your likes appear on your timeline. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Darmowy Hosting CBA.PL. This is an easiest way to send files to someone who cannot accept them live.

Eucariota Ncleo Mitocondria Retculo endoplasmatico Ribosomas Aparato de& 45 120 Tarantino Tampon Lawsuit 45 120 Natalie Lynn Webb Probable Cause Affidavit A probably cause affidavit regarding the alleged sexual abuse inflicted by Natalie Lynn Webb on her three children. Upload any file up to 20 MB size without any limitations! No registration No download/upload speed limits Up to 5 files can be uploaded at once. NPK file – Default RouterOS version upgrade package, most important features included ZIP file – Contains all packages, including additional ones (User manager, etc.) ISO file – CD disk image, available only for x86 instruction set Netinstall – Utility for Installation from network Click on changelog link to view changes in current and previous versions. Default is Main.Pref. 404 Not Found. Newsletter January 2017 (#75) In our January newsletter, we are introducing an exciting cAP lite access point with swappable enclosures, a low cost backfire antenna product, dual boot support for our switches and more.Newsletter 75 Cloud Core Router Cloud Core Router is an industrial grade router with cutting edge multicore Tilera CPU, available in 9, 16, 36 and 72 core versions! Unprecedented power and unbeatable performance – this is our new flagship device. Request file Help How to download mtcna file to my device? 1. What’s new in 6.37.5 (2017-Mar-09 11:54): !) www – fixed http server vulnerability; *) chr – fixed problem when transmit speed was reduced by interface queues; *) dhcp – do not listen on IPv4/IPv6 client to IPv6 MLD packets; *) dude – (changes discussed here: *) export – do not show “read-only” IRQ entries; *) filesystem – implemented procedures to verify and restore internal file structure integrity upon upgrading; *) firewall – do not allow to set “time” parameter to 0s for “limit” option; *) firewall – fixed import of exported configuration that had updated “limit” setting; *) graphing – fixed graphing crash when high amount of traffic is processed; *) hotspot – fixed rare kernel crash on multicore systems; *) hotspot – fixed redirect to URL where escape characters are used (requires newly generated HTML files); *) hotspot – show Host table commentaries also in Active tab and vice versa; *) interface – do not treat multiple zeros as single zero on name comparison; *) irq – properly detect all IRQ entries; *) l2tp-client – fixed IPSec policy generation after reboot; *) lcd – show fan2 speed only if it is available; *) leds – fixed defaults for RBSXT5HacD2nr2; *) mmips – improved general stability; *) rb3011 – fixed noise from buzzer after silent boot; *) switch – fixed crash when trying to configure second master port on the same chipset (RB3011, RB2011, CCR1009-8G-1S+); *) userman – allow access to User Manager users page only through “/user” URL; *) userman – show warning when no users are selected for CSV file generation; *) winbox – added “add-relay-info” and “relay-info-remote-id” to DHCP relay; *) winbox – added H flag to “/ip arp” ; *) winbox – added missing “use-fan2″ and “active-fan2″ to “/system health”; *) winbox – allow shorten bytes to k,M,G in bridge firewall just like in /ip firewall; *) winbox – do not hide “power-cycle-after” option; *) winbox – do not hide 00:00:00:00:00:00 MAC address in unpublished ARPs; *) winbox – fixed matching “connection-state=untracked” connections; *) winbox – fixed typo in /system resources pci list; *) winbox – hide advertise tab in Hotspot user profile configuration if “transparent-proxy” is not enabled; *) winbox – make “power-cycle-after” show correct value; *) winbox – make “power-cycle-interval” not to depend on “power-cycle-ping-enabled” in PoE settings; *) winbox – properly show BGP communities in routing filters table filter; *) wireless – fixed scan tool stuck in background; *) wireless – improved compatibility with Intel 2200BG wireless card; *) wireless – update Thailand country frequency settings; Changelog archive .

MD5 routeros-x86-6.37.5.npk: f6a47fa5d5ce64f059e35db86d58fa71SHA256 routeros-x86-6.37.5.npk: b4d4df48247dc85c4e4264741ade5e089c51da158977df2fa113f17cfee1d906MD5 routeros-mipsbe-6.37.5.npk: f9c342542cec5a5006fba0400e58d30dSHA256 routeros-mipsbe-6.37.5.npk: 4fdf491e04d7346d7ebc3ac8783dbfe1387d4ce3a7d265c9dcd134560a4fc12aMD5 routeros-arm-6.37.5.npk: c07a849fcdbb794d858dcafd86d1c369SHA256 routeros-arm-6.37.5.npk: 22af12341400c542752e7d86ba6ff3df7e6716ea07d74f1490f0954df97b003eMD5 routeros-smips-6.37.5.npk: fd033be490562e3d3dd3bc6b799a349cSHA256 routeros-smips-6.37.5.npk: 626011b40ac9ec11ffc8601b68d75ce70528f93d0241a5f8915e4314205874e9MD5 routeros-powerpc-6.37.5.npk: cdc52df689f393193e16a934ce0dc92aSHA256 routeros-powerpc-6.37.5.npk: d2347a7b30b3d3adf988b243cb244e629d9e8fba5150dd56cd2fe5bfc56523fdMD5 routeros-tile-6.37.5.npk: 81876696fde9fc32ccb7892a4d711cd5SHA256 routeros-tile-6.37.5.npk: ec250f2377437fc23e1f6b241674de014f1aada6f1378cbf4c19b48281886358MD5 routeros-mmips-6.37.5.npk: 49a3fa003d0efa9aa65a82d51b53dcddSHA256 routeros-mmips-6.37.5.npk: 53ae6b471980cd3a358e09f9e7918401ac7160c980253eb1023a1ac7dbcccc5fMD5 allpackages-tile-6.37.5.zip: 22c919e1cdf6128573ca662938d3db09SHA256 allpackages-tile-6.37.5.zip: 5d5b2cb2156f278f1c207df76a15b4c5ec03c99ee3980856940de78564455371MD5 allpackages-smips-6.37.5.zip: bcec7066f8bb48086b3c2be8fe01640aSHA256 allpackages-smips-6.37.5.zip: c5f14dd9510a897b084b5fff27b79d34015cf300b7c44d0c77b70c39e9cf08d0MD5 allpackages-mipsbe-6.37.5.zip: c47e2101eda4f3663f40c0ce4302713cSHA256 allpackages-mipsbe-6.37.5.zip: 74b36f90d09dde5cd06531ccef2652a32b0a4002f79cf791dea0837ad986fb8fMD5 allpackages-mmips-6.37.5.zip: 269bccfe2cc31cdaa72a8d0d2ea30e98SHA256 allpackages-mmips-6.37.5.zip: 6830bb6631316f79aa8282af8907e40457f497e05c60d2086c9906dc13130c9bMD5 allpackages-x86-6.37.5.zip: 829a497e360eafd87c7a2a0274ce9a50SHA256 allpackages-x86-6.37.5.zip: 50cb179ab4eb68c07413fcf417609343623903440d8924f984983c5c69679876MD5 allpackages-arm-6.37.5.zip: fc1545f59e80b1c0d922d9e8e7f33a15SHA256 allpackages-arm-6.37.5.zip: 5c730011f96c402c9e269ae06238cb49a712e2d0244095a3b506f2bcd9e98f97MD5 allpackages-ppc-6.37.5.zip: 9be7158eb8dec132242d6834974f5da7SHA256 allpackages-ppc-6.37.5.zip: 4040b9caa9aeb629a72672de3fa21bc012297cd36d0446b5f1acfa245daf6b96MD5 mikrotik-6.37.5.iso: a522b4ae4ace07fc127f26da9f4f0631SHA256 mikrotik-6.37.5.iso: fd98b88dc57aa084a78fa094c612ec5676c731e5acf43257b8983440bf7d2b4bMD5 netinstall-6.37.5-mmips.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5-mmips.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 netinstall-6.37.5.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 netinstall-6.37.5-arm.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5-arm.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 netinstall-6.37.5-ppc.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5-ppc.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 netinstall-6.37.5-tile.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5-tile.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 netinstall-6.37.5-smips.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5-smips.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 netinstall-6.37.5-mipsbe.zip: 1303112209b91bdd464214329eb93051SHA256 netinstall-6.37.5-mipsbe.zip: 44230e60b0ac54ae3e3e02af5c2eed3bd0fda00ed26f47234d03ac9aca896776MD5 dude-6.37.5-tile.npk: a6933bb60b9d3d861350c9111e30b677SHA256 dude-6.37.5-tile.npk: ca26cdd604aa80446ed1d6ef778b66072fd87e6f03193031ec284e25dc5e564eMD5 dude-6.37.5-mmips.npk: b2d84bb68c56866fda59f83459eeab78SHA256 dude-6.37.5-mmips.npk: 99771fbd2215b9464ffa742fefbb335551488cbbeea41bf01a8f4879d182496fMD5 dude-6.37.5.npk: f23f33c54e4e20d66bc81f3fc37b6f34SHA256 dude-6.37.5.npk: 35fa52436d02de62f990e074beb6f20810ed697152bb6743afc93380087b7ddcMD5 dude-6.37.5-arm.npk: 9af238058515939fcfd521716cec2c54SHA256 dude-6.37.5-arm.npk: a0a22fec66699fbfbb28a68db749d88094b4aacb883463f6a308fb4a5d4d7e2cMD5 dude-install-6.37.5.exe: 78450036ddd4dde468bf13ec2b5df4c5SHA256 dude-install-6.37.5.exe: d4512d362f1e5d3a50df66fe84ec17a0736961cb94f862eb98e956df6e5301c9 . Not desirable if using SNMP to monitor port usage.Using bridgesBy removing master and slave configuration, you must use a bridge interface to bundle to it the required ports in a single LAN.Advantage : Complete visibility of all port statistics for those ports.Disadvantage : Switching done through software. Cloud Hosted Router . Especially useful before the advent of switches.Switches are known as multi-port bridges.Each port is a collision domain of ONE device!Bridging conceptsAll computers can communicate with each other.All have to wait for everybody to be quiet before one can begin transmittingExample 1All computers still hear each other.All computers now only share half the wire.All still have to wait for everybody to be quiet before one can begin transmitting, but the group is half the size now.Better performance for all devices!By default, in MikroTik routers, Ethernet ports are associated (slave) to a master port.Advantage : Wire speed switching (through switch chip, not software).Disadvantage : No visibility of traffic of slave ports. If the interface to which the dynamic route is linked goes down, so does the route!Managing dynamic routesManging dynamic routes Managing static routesExercise:Assuming ip addresses have been properly entered, what commands would you use to enable complete communications for both subnets (LAN1 and LAN2)?router-1/ip routeadd gateway= dst-address= gateway= router-2/ip routeadd gateway= setupModules 3: Bridging overviewBridges are OSI layer 2 devices.Traditionally, they were used to join two segments of different (or similar) technology.Bridges were also used to create smaller collision domains.The goal was to improve performance by reducing the size of the subnet. OkNo, thanks. See our product catalog for a complete list of our products and their features. MIKROTIK USER MEETINGS IN 2017 Europe Milan (Italy), Mar 30-31 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Apr 21 Cambodia Phnom Penh, Apr 24 Myanmar Yangon, May 5 Laos Vientiane, May 8 Mexico Mexico City, May 19 United States Denver CO, May 25-26 Indonesia Yogyakarta, Oct 27-28 + Show more upcoming events Laos in Vientiane May 8 Mexico in Mexico City May 19 USA in Denver CO May 25 Indonesia in Yogyakarta Oct 27 Registrations for all events are already open – register your attendance for free! .

Click download file button or Copy mtcna URL which shown in textarea when you clicked file title, and paste it into your browsers address bar. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. 45 120 Exit 6 Starbucks letter A Cottleville watering hole has written an open letter to Starbucks and mailed a check for $6 after receiving a cease and desist letter from the coffee chain over the use& 45 120 EXPLICACION NORMAS APA PARA TRABAJOS ESCRITOS Se presenta un resumen y unas pocas adaptaciones del Manual de Estilo de Publicaciones de la American Psychological Association (APA) adaptado para el espaol, segunda edicin,& 45 120 Postal Service traffic ticket tussle The Jan. You can also follow us and get the latest updates on Twitter or Facebook! You can also follow us and get the latest updates on Twitter or Facebook! . MD5 allpackages-x86-6.37.5.zip: 829a497e360eafd87c7a2a0274ce9a50SHA256 allpackages-x86-6.37.5.zip: 829a497e360eafd87c7a2a0274ce9a50MD5 chr-6.37.5.img.zip: 3180f1adf5dcba991ebc79dc4eb3f436SHA256 chr-6.37.5.img.zip: 3180f1adf5dcba991ebc79dc4eb3f436MD5 chr-6.37.5.vmdk: dc8596e195b113954b110dcac5217e69SHA256 chr-6.37.5.vmdk: dc8596e195b113954b110dcac5217e69MD5 chr-6.37.5.vhdx: 6167d875af9c04a92e7cd4d6a587dc79SHA256 chr-6.37.5.vhdx: 6167d875af9c04a92e7cd4d6a587dc79MD5 chr-6.37.5.vdi: 6080bb2709f07139b72732cec2da642cSHA256 chr-6.37.5.vdi: 6080bb2709f07139b72732cec2da642cMD5 dude-6.37.5.npk: f23f33c54e4e20d66bc81f3fc37b6f34SHA256 dude-6.37.5.npk: f23f33c54e4e20d66bc81f3fc37b6f34MD5 dude-install-6.37.5.exe: 78450036ddd4dde468bf13ec2b5df4c5SHA256 dude-install-6.37.5.exe: 78450036ddd4dde468bf13ec2b5df4c5 . Learn MikroTik at your University. UPCOMING TRAINING CLASSES North AmericaLatin AmericaAfricaEuropeOceaniaAsiaMarch 18-18, Canada, Sainte-Thrse, CSPE (Introduction), FrenchMarch 20-21, USA, Highlands, NC, Joya Johnson – Microcom Technologies (MTCWE), EnglishMarch 20-22, Canada, Sainte-Thrse, CSPE (MTCNA), FrenchMarch 21-21, Canada, Montreal, Hani Rahrouh- wirelessnetware.ca (MikroTik SXT Workshop,CAPsMAN), EnglishMarch 22-24, Canada, Montreal, Hani Rahrouh- wirelessnetware.ca (MTCNA), EnglishMarch 18-19, Peru, Lima, Certificate (MTCRE), EnglishMarch 18-19, Ecuador, Guayaquil, Academy Xperts (MTCWE), SpanishMarch 18-19, Ecuador, Guayaquil, Academy Xperts (MTCNA), SpanishMarch 18-20, Colombia, Montera, RhinoTik, SAS (MTCNA, Introduction,The Dude,CAPsMAN), EnglishMarch 18-April 08, Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Ecatel SRL, Ing. 6.37.5 (Bugfix only)6.38.5 (Current)5.26 (Legacy)6.39rc55 (Release candidate) MIPSBECRS, DISC, LDF, LHG, NetBox, NetMetal, PowerBox, QRT, RB9xx, hAP, hAP ac, hAP ac lite, mANTBox, mAP, RB4xx, cAP, hEX, wAP, BaseBox, DynaDish, RB2011, SXT, OmniTik, Groove, Metal, Sextant, RB7xxMain packageExtra packagesSMIPShAP liteMain package – Extra packages – TILECCRMain package – Extra packages – The Dude server – PPCRB3xx, RB600, RB8xx, RB1xxxMain packageExtra packagesARMRB3011Main package – Extra packages – The Dude server – X86RB230, X86Main packageExtra packagesCD ImageThe Dude server – MIPSLERB1xx, RB5xx, CrossroadsMain package – - – Extra packages – - – MMIPSRB750Gr3Main package – Extra packages – The Dude server – GENERALNetinstallThe Dude client – ChangelogChecksum. 4df88630c8
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