The Walking Dead(versioning by Maxym)

The Walking Dead

I first make a brief introduction of the AMC original series and broadcast by FOX, based on a comic created by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore. Rick Grimes, a police officer in a small town in Georgia in a proceeding is seriously hurt, you are admitted to a hospital and when he wakes all was desolation, there was no one anywhere, and can go outside and there he learns that a virus or something that turns people known in Dead Walkers, an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, and people being bitten or having contact with the blood of infected zombies. He thinks he lost his entire family, but after arming and find, finds, with the help of some friends he encounters in the frenzy of searching and trying to survive as they can, layering these Undead. This is then told my way.

Made clear that all names, whether of the characters, the title and history itself belongs to AMC and FOX and / authors of the cartoon with the exception of Mayor Lee, scientists and soldiers, I simply a continuation of the series ended in 2010 and I will continue in 2011 (I hope because I and my family we love)

Rick was devastated, sitting in a field under a tree on the outskirts of Atlanta, seeing his family massacred by the walkers, their bodies scattered around, reached its limit, no longer wanted to live. Walked with their eyes and stopped dead in his son watched him for 10 minutes, turn felt like walking in on him were hundreds, the fear came over him, had no chance to survive, he had a single cartridge, and made the decision. He put his gun under his chin with thumb index touched because it complicated the trigger, closed his eyes and …

He felt he was in the air, he kept his eyes closed, she thought that rose to heaven after death, but no … A United States Navy had tied and lifted. The helicopter rotor produces a loud noise deafened him, opened his eyes and saw from the air and growling hikers huddled tear, he could see his family one last time, his friends who were killed on the spot.

He was given a headset and appeared to be the highest ranking, which beckons to be placed in the ears, the noise in there kept hearing the words.

“I’m the Mayor Walter Lee.

“I care who you are, do not understand, I want to die, you do not understand anything, I was bitten, I’m infected,” said Rick.

- How do you bite, which place? Asked the Mayor.

“In my stomach, was holding my son who was bitten by one of those sons of bitches, until he turned and bit my stomach, you do not understand … I had to kill with my bare hands. Let me, let me.

-Espósenlo and sédenlo.

Clarity as blinding, opened wide his eyes, he wanted to sit but was tied to the bed he realized he was in a military hospital, was very quiet thought everything began again, but no, the guard opened the door, and Mayor makes his entrance.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Rick, sorry for this but it was necessary, we thought that was transformed and had to be tied. But luckily nothing happened, we keep track of your life at this time, and we knew he was in coma, which was connected to an IV and a respirator and that somehow, something made him immune you, we have been sampled blood, but we can not find it produces immunity.

A scientist with clothing fatigues, entered the room stirred.

- What doctor?

“Sir, we discover something you should see. Come to the lab.

- What is it? I want to know it is me they are experiencing and claimed he asked Rick.

“Be patient, when I put it back up to date.

“But I’m not a guinea pig.

The major said nothing and left.

In the laboratory, fully advanced, computer terminals macrobiotic analyzed thousands of potential virus, modems and pipes screaming constantly bubbling liquid.

“Doctor, explain to me without much technicality that was what he discovered.

“If Mayor. We have isolated the blood of the subject, using only the waste that it leaves, ie away from the blood, and when placed into the tube with the virus step … watch it yourself.

The major looked through a microscope and saw cells moved frantically, he had two colors, black and one gray, the gray seemed to consume the dark for a moment but then enslaved to the clear dark.

“Explain this doctor.

“If at first defensive cells able to destroy the virus, but it is very strong, but I have the solution … we must test the urine of the subject, I think the liquid discarded by the kidneys produce the antidote to the strength necessary to revert to walkers.

“And you expect, we will visit the patient.

“Mr. Grimes, we have found a way to reverse the virus of the undead, it’s easy and painless … must provide your urine, we brought a bottle and want to deposit here your pee.

“I’m going to have to apologize, but I pee seconds ago, you can wait a few minutes.

“Okay Grimes. Bring him water and accelerates the process.

The experiment worked, captured a zombie to life and become human again. Rick, I thought it would have been if he had not killed his family, especially her son and his friends, I probably would have healed.

After the wounds healed completely, Rick received a proposal from Mayor, go to the hunting of the walkers in order to heal, after thinking about it, and convinced that this would calm her conscience accepted and a group of soldiers trained to handle any adversity thrown the world devastated by global apocalypse caused the man himself and now had to reverse at the cost of any sacrifice, but it would not be easy, they thought that by injecting the antidote would solve everything, it they did not know was that they were now playing, and was born from the ruins of a superior race, a race evolved and indestructible, a more intelligent race, a race with a conscience and action. Children were born and grew so fast, and they themselves killed their parents in order to populate the planet in his image and likeness.

The Apocalypse is now … this is just beginning

“We’re still … help … send reinforcement …” The radio played a high-pitched white noise seen at the base could hear the pleas for help from the special unit, but there was no one to answer, everyone had died. The cursed zombies had their throats cut and ate the brains, they ripped all his limbs and blood flying through the air like a red rash.

Rick could hardly escape was now alone, a race against time awaited him, had several blisters with the antidote, but he knew he was not going to achieve, then began searching for someone to help you, a scientist who can produce more liquid, the liquid of salvation. That career began and his story is to tell …

Do not expect me to tell it, watch it on TV, but in original version and not this coming out of my humble imagination. Chau … ah beware, before bed, look under their beds, maybe … Someone play me back … is … is … is a fuking (screwed) Walking Dead.

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