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Krane (1988)p.34For other uses, see Q valuerequires a net energy input, since the kinetic energy of the final state is less than the kinetic energy of the initial state.[1]Hence Sum of the masses of reactants = 14.0031 + 4.0026 = 18.0057 a.m.uThis particle physicsrelated article is a stubLeave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Category: Nuclear And Radiation ChemistryThe Q value is the kinetic energy released in the decay at rest

John Wiley & SonsQ = ( m n − m p − m ν − m e ) c 2 = K p + K e + K ν = 0.782 MeV {displaystyle Q=(m{text{n}}-m{text{p}}-m{mathrm {overline {nu }} }-m{text{e}})c^{2}=K{text{p}}+K{text{e}}+K{overline {nu }}=0.782{text{MeV}}} The energy change in the nuclear reaction is represented by QQ = K f − K i = ( m i − m f ) c 2 {displaystyle Q=K{text{f}}-K{text{i}}=(m{text{i}}-m{text{f}})c^{2}} Print This Page For example, Sargent’s rule states that weak reaction rates are proportional to Q5Martin and GThis nuclear physics or atomic physicsrelated article is a stub

The decay energy is divided among the products in a continuous distribution for more than 2 productsYou can help Wikipedia by expanding itwhere mn is the mass of the neutron, mp is the mass of the proton, m is the mass of the electron antineutrino and me is the mass of the electron; and the K are the corresponding kinetic energiesThe neutron has no initial kinetic energy since it is at restContents 1 Definition 2 Applications 3 See also 4 Notes and references 5 External links The value relates to the enthalpy of a chemical reaction or the energy of radioactive decay productsShaw (2007)^ B.RQ values are also featured in particle physics

External links[edit]Calculate Q-Value of the following nuclear reaction Calculate Q-Value of the A Hypothetical reaction Calculate the energy released nuclear reaction What is Nuclear Fission? What are Nuclear Reactions? What is the difference between nuclear reaction and chemical reaction? What is Mass Defect? What are the different ways in which nuclear fission energy can be released from nuclear fission processes? What do you understand by Artificial Transmutation of Elements? What do you mean by induced radioactivity? Chemical Q values are measurement in calorimetry 931.5 MeV of energy Therefore, Q=-0.0012 a.m.ureleased October 27, 2016 You can help Wikipedia by expanding itexplosions)Exothermic chemical reactions tend to be more spontaneous and can emit light or heat, resulting in runaway feedback(i.eApplications[edit] bd4638e95e
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