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Fills me with need

Tears of wood
scattered on the shade.
A gloomy sound
below fluttered kisses.

Hounded by the impression,
within the darkest cloud,
splinters storm.


Trapped in flickers.

No one could save me
in this silent cry.

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Hiding away

I have to knit
paper shadows
to wrap
defenseless words.

I will make to kneel your tears of copper
flood jungle of fragments.

I’m going to sink my footprint
on scalding oil
to change
upset one’s breath.

Your blood makes me drunk in a so bitter way
with your nimble tongue of gold, sealing my complaints.

I will enlightening your human clots,
aerostatic thoughts
to drown in spasms,
reversing my skin.

My voice is rotting in the rough dust
imprisons your flesh of dense fog.

The river never repeats
because it is not the same.


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The warmth of the darkness

Against the light
rather odd

She doesn’t remind me
but not his words

Only a brilliant moon
can make me feel safe.

With a feather
I cut the air
again and again …
It’s useless.

All my shit is liquid gold
bogging down your flowers?


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I saw…

Your nightmare is razed by my shadow
my shadow it’s getting into your skin,
your skin is a drawing with crayons in my thirst of flesh,
thirst in my fingers writting in your belly of swan,
your belly is a cotton ring unfolding my hands,
my hands are silver flames burning your eyes,
your eyes withholding twists shedding my caprice,
my caprice it’s blooming, leaving you naked,
your nakedness is a temple under black clouds,
black clouds prowling in my mind,
my mind are grey ashes digging in your pain,
your pain is dirty blood made dust in my deformed heels,
my heels wet by your tongue,
your tongue is blessed bleeding by my lust,
my lust growing in your sacred and wide mouth,
your mouth is screaming a slippery kiss in the dark,
and in the darkness…

You saw…

My care is a body

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They don’t see us

The mirror reflects
someone who I don’t know

Star of honey
drops from your mouth

They don’t hear us

echoes of whispers
maim our rules

Skin of tree
segments from your hands

Arrangements                                                                                             derangements

A sun eating my eyes

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Written in blood

My pillow is an anvil
and now my dreams turn into a stone.

Be a prisioner of your mouth
I’m eroding away your lips to be free.

We can pretend being ordinary
just to satisfy this dull world.

My tongue is a broken sword
and now my words drip.

In a dark room, without secrets.
Blood flowing from my chest.

The message is not in the content
but in the way.

After all…

Pain is the meaning

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I hate myself

Black milk
from my body

so heavy
That left me
tear of pieces.

such a heart
dead of cold.

The hole in my soul,
there is a drill
in my restless head.

Chewing nails
for hiding my blame
that runs in my veins,
bleeding in my words.

Who is it?
What is it?

The answer is in my skin

Embraced by the cold shadow
riping me by his claws
I can’t take anymore.

Is the price by this strong feeling…

Nothing else than that

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A blackout in my mind

Never felt
never had
never hold
never and ever

This parachute
doesn’t help

Kisses with swift wings
nothing to forgive

Kind of devotion
I don’t understand
what do you see in me

I never felt
something like these
never and ever
for anyone

I’m the flame of a candle
filled with silence

I don’t wanna
lose you

In dirty hands
time remains
like a shadow
on the horizon

I can feel
the death
on my own

And I want to be gratefull
for your fallen.

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We embraced

Melt us
like trying to fight against the cold,
expire the ghosts that I do carry,
she’s the line.

The fingers over the skull

A quiet pigeon is a witness

In my mouth
the taste of her smoke,
I hold
her accelerated breathing

May that instant be eternal?

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