We embraced

Melt us
like trying to fight against the cold,
expire the ghosts that I do carry,
she’s the line.

The fingers over the skull

A quiet pigeon is a witness

In my mouth
the taste of her smoke,
I hold
her accelerated breathing

May that instant be eternal?

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, , athenea dijo

Me encantaria leerte, hoy mi idioma no me lo permite.
Vuelvo la próxima

, , stupidlounge dijo

Every single moment in life is eternal in our hearts. See ya’

, , La de la Strato dijo

in her mouth the taste of his rebel yell
catching his eyes in hers

, , maria-marta-stanganello dijo

ahhhh noooo encima en english..!!!!!!!!!!!!!,…..que buenoooo…but i don`t know!!!
i no speak english….guaaaaaaaaaa!