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Life & Style More Life & Style How Do Jade Eggs Work Exactly? Skin Cancer Cream Reportedly Kills 5 Dogs Caffeine May Be Key To Fighting Aging-Related Inflammation 5 Popular Food Choices Believed To Cause Cancer: Nutella, Microwave Popcorn, Hotdogs And More Milk Money: You Might Be Eligible For Cash Payout Under This Dairy Lawsuit Settlement Know Your Lemons: Campaign Explains What Breast Cancer Could Look Like With Lemon Images New Evidence In D. Author Bingowings Time 5-Dec-2015 11:35 AM Edited 5-Dec-2015 12:40 PM towne32 said: sansuni said: (sand people for instance) The part where they expertly snipe a speeding pod, but fail to hit a bunch of jawas dragging their feet about? Actually I like those bits put in. Its all about familiarity. Youre right that an edit need only please its maker. Someone send these guys an IFDB link! Quote Report . And it takes these hardworking people YEARS of work. I really respect people like the Collider crew and it makes me so angry to see them rave about such mediocre edits. I said, You gotta be a petulant young Jedi.

That is precisely the reason that these type of YouTube edits frustrate the hell out of a fan like myself. He said, I want to be Darth Vader. Author Jeebus Time 17-Dec-2016 2:49 AM darthrush said: Might be an unpopular opinion, but I dont think these edits are near the quality of other options avaible. I think your forgetting all those other people who dont prefer drastic changes. Seems like YouTube user JeremyMWest-Esquire has done an amazing job with editing out the cheesiest stuff (dialogues, Jar Jar etc) from the prequel trilogy. ImperialFighter, please let us know if you find anything in YouTube thats well done, though. You gotta be a whiny teenager. Quote Report “[Christensen] said, I dont want to be this whiny kid.

Do not reproduce without permission. The podrace could be cut quite a bit shorter, however. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to re-watch the Prequel Trilogy before The Force Awakensarrives, it looks like the fan-made edits may be the best way to do so: The video above is the entire re-cut version of The Phantom Menace, and while it’s still a terrible, terrible movie, the Anti-Cheese edit does a lot of things right. This post has been edited. Feel free to check them out! Star Wars Episode I – Phantom Menace (Anti-Cheese Edit): Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones (Anti-Cheese Edit): Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (Anti-Cheese Edit): Now I feel like I can watch the prequel trilogy again! Thanks JeremyMWest-Esquire! This post has been edited. That we dont get a chance to see the villainy on screen is one of the biggest problems with The Phantom Menace, even if that is implied in the title. Its not even that its a bad edit. Edits like these do so much more. Its quite good, though I think that some parts now feel rushed. Among the changes: – Jar Jar is now a useful character instead of an annoying tag-along – Queen Amidala’s voice is pitch-shifted back to her normal pitch – Midichlorian references removed – Anakin is edited to be a more deliberate hero instead of an accidental one Pro tip: the best Star Wars prequel is still Triumph The Insult Comic Dog interviewing people standing in line for Attack of the Clones. 55a97c10fc
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