Gartner Reference Architecture For Multi Tenancy Pdf Free

gartner reference architecture for multi tenancy pdf free

Gartner Reference Architecture For Multi Tenancy Pdf Free >>

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If a bug or a virus in the database server were to cause an incorrect row to be delivered to the tenant, the encrypted contents of the row would be useless without access to the tenant’s private key. This is typically the best approach to take if you wish to use a shared database, but also anticipate that your customers will require a considerable degree of flexibility to extend the default data model. (When developing a scaling strategy, it’s important to distinguish between scaling your application (increasing the total workload the application can accommodate) and scaling your data (increasing your capacity for storing and working with data). Trusted Database Connections In a multi-tier application environment application architects traditionally use two methods to secure access to data stored in databases: impersonation, and a trusted subsystem account. (25 printed pages) Acknowledgements Many thanks to Paul Henry for his help with technical writing. Use single-master replication whenever possible. The more-efficient symmetric key is used to encrypt the tenant’s critical data for storage. The application (still impersonating the tenant, of course) can then use the tenant’s private key to decrypt the tenant’s symmetric key and use it to read and write data. The procedure for restoring data for a tenant is similar to that for the shared-schema approach, with the additional complication that individual rows in the production database must be deleted and then reinserted from the temporary database. For SaaS applications in which every piece of stored data is encrypted, the resulting processing overhead can render public-key cryptography infeasible as an overall solution.

If you are unable to fund a development effort of the size necessary to build a shared schema application, or if you need to bring your application to market more quickly than a large-scale development effort would allow, you may have to consider a more isolated approach. This pattern can apply to all three approaches, but only comes into play when an individual tenant’s data needs cannot be accommodated by a single server. It is available on MSDN. Shared Database, Shared Schema A third approach involves using the same database and the same set of tables to host multiple tenants’ data. Location, location, location.

This is the second article in our series about designing multi-tenant applications. Cost over time for a hypothetical pair of SaaS applications; one uses a more isolated approach, while the other uses a more shared approach Your development effort can be constrained by business and economic factors, which can influence your choice of approach. All Rights Reserved. Bringing transparency to technical debt may not bring much in the way of kudos, but it is the responsibility of the adult in the room. If you’re experiencing application performance problems because too many end users are accessing the database concurrently, consider partitioning the database to equalize the total number of active end-user accounts on each server. bd4638e95e
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